Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Why choose spray foam insulation

Spray foam Insulation is the most preferred option of the leading companies and top professionals in the construction trade. spray foam insulation not only provides top notch thermal comfort to the occupants of a particular building, but its superior qualities also include decreasing the energy demands of heating and cooling systems where spray foam is used.

If you are looking for an insulation system that reduces the amount of heat flowing out of a building in cold weather conditions or a system that repels solar radiations from a building during hot weather conditions, Spray Foam’s brand extruded polystyrene is your best option. spray foam is able to achieve these rare feats as it is better than other types of insulation – something that can be attributed to its exemplary qualities.

The Dow Chemical Company, one of the companies that manufacture spray foam, had to get a lot of research done to come up with this excellent product. spray foam is a result of extensive research from the best scientists of the world coupled with development and rigorous testing conducted at the factories of the Dow Chemical Company. The exclusive material which is used in spray foam has a high level of thermal resistance or R-value, which is one of the highest in the industry at the present time. spray foam has proven to be one of the most efficient shields against the flow of heat.

The strength of spray foam is comparable to that of Aluminum, but it is lighter and much suppler than the latter. It has a high compression strength that can withstand loads up to 100 psi which is a direct consequence of the density of the material. spray foam is water resistant, which is an additional bonus.

Spray foam insulation fits the bill perfectly if you are looking to insulate the walls, roofs and floors of buildings. It is also quite easy to install and can be altered to meet size requirements. All these qualities make spray foam insulation one of the best in the business for your home or office.